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Transaction Services

The Hilltop Companies is engaged by our clients to assist on a number of specialized transactions because of our deep industry knowledge and prior experience with such transaction types.  In many cases, our clients either do not have the past experience with the type of transaction/event or they need additional experienced resources to help them.  Our services are tailored to each type of event.  The transaction events that we have deep experience in are:

  • Mergers or acquisitions,
  • Litigation where our client is the plaintiff or defendant to the lawsuit,
  • Regulatory actions that include supervisory letters or consent orders issued to our client with a required response and remediation effort,
  • Fraud events where our client either suspects or knows that a fraud has occurred.

We have a standard work plan for each type of event which is used as a baseline.  Our team will then adjust our proprietary methodologies for each event type to the specific need of our client.  For example, for a client making an acquisition, we will deploy our Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) team and use our standard M&A work plan.  This plan is designed for due diligence in the financial, operational and key risk areas.

Our team will customize the standard M&A work plan to the scope of services that our client wants us to execute.  We may increase or decrease scope in specific areas.  We may add a technology and data controls element of the plan.  We may bring our valuation team in to help the client quantify the value/price of the acquire.  We work “side by side” with our client in all of these important transactions/events consistent with our collaborative style.

We have assisted numerous clients and their attorneys with litigation claims.  Our expert assistance is typically sought because we understand the litigation issue.  Most of our litigation assist engagements never result in a deposition or court testimony, rather we assist our client and/or attorney with analysis, independent financial/operational assessments, data analysis and validity testing, industry benchmarks, industry best practices, etc.  However, if the need to do depositions or give expert testimony – we are ready to do so!

Regulatory actions are hopefully not common occurences.  However, when they do occur, our clients have engaged us to assist with the response to the regulator, as well as, design and implement any necessary remediation efforts.  We are comfortable working with the banking regulators, mortgage investors and/or other third parties who may require action by our client.  These activities often involve working with our client’s compliance, operational, accounting, legal and other areas. We are easily able to do so given our multi-disciplined engagement teams involved in responding to regulatory actions.

Our fraud controls and investigations team is used to “rapid deployment” upon getting the call from our client about a fraud concern.  Fraud events cause significant disruption and concern.  There are usually numerous client departments that get involved either at the time a fraud is suspected or has been identified as having occurred.  Our team has extensive experience in dealing with all of the above factors.  Our fraud investigations methodology has been developed over many years as we learn from every fraud investigation.   We can either assist our client with the investigation or conduct an independent investigation depending on the circumstances.

Our technology team is very capable of gathering the necessary files (hard drives, other memory media, email drives, software, databases, etc), controlling access to such and working with the technology department to minimize disruption.  We have also worked with large scale data firms that specialize in electronic file investigative efforts.   Most companies do not have internal resources to handle a fraud event and its consequences, the investigation or the fraud controls implementation efforts.  We have such capability and are ready to help!

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