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The Hilltop Companies

Risk Management

The Hilltop Companies’ Risk Management practice takes an integrated approach to assessing risk.  By doing so, we evaluate the enterprise risk of the organization versus  individual specific business or functional areas. We take this approach because often, mitigating one risk increases another. Thus, we believe our more holistic approach identifying, assessing, prioritizing and mitigating risk is the best way to serve our clients.

Our  risk management approach includes the following steps:

  1. Assessment of risk management policies to determine completeness and coverage of all applicable risks,
  2. Assessment of the risk management controls that are designed to ensure the company’s risk policy is adhered to,
  3. Identification of any data integrity issues i.e. completeness of information reported, accuracy of such and availability/reliability, Assessment of Internal Audit, and/or other risk teams’ activities in identifying/quantifying risk.
  4. Assessment of risk analysis tools and methodology used by the company, including prioritization and quantification (dollar impact) of risks
  5. Assessment of management’s response to identified high risk areas, non-compliance with risk management controls,  and handling of risk concerns raised by regulatory examiners, external auditors, etc..
  6. Identification of any areas for improvement – organizational responsibility, processes, technology, reporting,

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