Transforming organizations through skillful alignment of people, process and technology.
The Hilltop Companies

Business Process Analysis & Reengineering

Our industry consulting practices provide a real competitive difference when our clients want to undergo some business process analysis and re-engineering redesign.   The primary difference between The Hilltop Companies and many other consulting firms is that while the process analysis and re-engineering often uses similar methodology – our teams are powered by very senior, highly experienced veterans of the industry.  They have “been there and done that” first hand.

They have managed such projects for their former employers and seen what is effective and what is not effective.  But most importantly, they understand the industry, business, competition and the details concerning people, processes and technology that is deployed in the typical bank, mortgage lender, GSE, real estate developer, home builder, etc.   You will not need to “teach” our consultants about your business.  In many cases they have been in senior positions at companies just like yours.

Our business process analysis and re-engineering services integrate our view that companies can only improve if they address the people, process and technology components of performing their business.  A summary of our services in this area are included below:

  • Business process analyses conducted to identify enhancement opportunities,
  • Business process re-engineering / redesign to implement changes,
  • Business strategy assessments,
  • Operational or process backlog assessments,
  • Customer service problem assessment,
  • Profitability assessments – product, service, customer, line of business, etc.
  • Cost reduction assessments to “streamline” costs of operation,
  • Technology usage assessments to determine if the tools are being utilized fully and that all feasible manual processes are fully automated.

Our teams have one major goal – to help your company improve your business and achieve your goals by making “practical” change solutions that will “pay back” on the investment.  Our BPR process assesses the “likely operational problem spots” and the personnel that will likely resist.  This change focus is another differentiator from our competition because we won’t design a new business process that looks good on paper but is not likely to be implemented given a lack of support by management and/or staff .

The Hilltop Companies’ business process analyses are intended typically to achieve a target state different from your current operations.  The objectives of achieving the target state can include, but not be limited to:

  • Improve competitive position in the market with lower cost delivery,
  • Ability to attract more customers with lower priced services,
  • Enhanced controls in one or more of the operating units,
  • Improved operating efficiency,
  • Eliminate unnecessary processes and “hand-offs”
  • Accommodate reductions in force,
  • Improve customer service and response times,
  • Responsiveness to market movements,
  • Ability to automate processes through workflow automation
  • Position the company for forthcoming market change and increase flexibility of processes to handle new business & products
  • Eliminate reports that do not help manage the business
  • Eliminate “checking the checker” processes
  • Assess management and overhead cost structure
  • Other reasons that generally improve the company’s operations and profit margins.

As part of our business process analyses, we also will often assess people and technology.  In our experience, most companies have core capabilities but also have areas of operations that either need significant change and investment or be considered as a candidate for outsourcing such functions.  We can assist in the methodology to identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses and determine what the solution alternatives are in the short and long term.   We are often drawn into the vendor selection processes if outsourcing or new technology is being considered.

The Hilltop Companies has performed Business Process Analysis & Reengineering  services in a wide array of operating areas/business units.  Here is a limited summary of specific areas where we have performed such services:

  • Loan origination – loan officer processes and compensation policies,
  • Loan processor functions,
  • Loan underwriting functions and use of automated underwriting technology,
  • Loan closing functions,
  • Loan post closing and investor delivery functions,
  • Loan sales (Secondary Market activities) policies, processes, and technology assessment
  • Compliance functions in lending functions,
  • On-boarding loans in servicing area,
  • Servicing call center functions,
  • Servicing escrow management,
  • Collections and early loss mitigation,
  • Compliance functions in servicing,
  • Default Servicing functions (significant work in this are over the past several years),
  • Investor reporting functions,
  • Asset recovery functions –
    • Repurchase defense
    • Advances reconciliation and recovery
    • Foreclosure claim maximization
    • REO asset management and sale
    • Rep and Warranty recovery from sellers

We have assessed the use of a “triaging” concept in loan operations, specifically in the loan process areas to improve workflow, decision time frames and reducing customer hassle.  The use of event based or decision based workflow enables this triaging capability.  Excellent business data management is also critical in helping make the “decisions” of what to triage and how to prioritize.  See our Data Analysis & Strategy capabilities.

We have been doing a lot of cost reduction assessments in recent years, especially given the “down economy”.  These assessments are structured to:

  • Increase profitability through cost reductions or cost avoidance (reduce need for cost increases for future growth)
  • Eliminate unnecessary processes and “hand-offs”
  • Streamline existing processes, reduce hand-offs, etc.
  • Increase flexibility of processes to handle new business & products
  • Eliminate reports that do not help manage the business
  • Eliminate processes that involve “checking the checker”
  • Assess management and overhead cost structure
  • Assess whether your company uses its current technology to its maximum effectiveness,
  • Assess whether certain processes could be automated,
  • Assess whether new technology would reduce the overall operating costs
  • Improve overall financial and operational results