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Operating your company at the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness is paramount to success.  The Hilltop Companies helps organizations achieve peak performance through in-depth analyses of operating performance, business processes and technology.  The objective of this evaluation includes; identification of cost reductions, efficiency improvement opportunities and improved customer service.

A significant part of the evaluation process includes identifying and understanding profit drivers, assessing performance measurement and benchmarking your organization against peer companies.  If performance gaps are identified, The Hilltop Companies will begin a thorough evaluation of pricing rationale, cost management and process efficiency.

And because all businesses run on data, it is imperative that data be complete, accurate and meaningful.  While many organizations struggle with cost effective solutions for data quality, management, analytics and reporting, our leaders are experts in this area. They have significant experience designing and implementing cost effective data management solutions for business units and IT groups representing a wide range of financial services clients.

Controls assessments have been important to our industry for many years but the Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank legislation increased the intensity of the spotlight on business controls and their effectiveness.  The Hilltop Companies supports the need for assessing and implementing appropriate business controls.  We do so by evaluating operating environments – including operations management processes – interfaces with technology, data and security.

And when client have operational training needs, they reach out to The Hilltop Companies team.  We use our extensive knowledge in course creation, industry subject matter, content development and instructing (either training participants or “training the trainer”) to create tailored solutions to their needs.  We have designed many internal and external courses for numerous industry participants.

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