Transforming organizations through skillful alignment of people, process and technology.
The Hilltop Companies

IT Assessment & Strategy

Our clients face a wide range of hardware and software options to pursue opportunities and address challenges.   Aligning the right technology solution with the needs and ensuring measurable benefits is a daunting task.  Organizations realize that to ensure a solid return on their IT investments, they need to develop an IT strategic plan so that they can effectively allocate resources.

The Hilltop Companies understand the importance of aligning the business needs and technologies.  We combine our deep knowledge of technology with extensive business expertise in lending, loan servicing, capital markets, real estate and government. This combination ensures that we consider multiple aspects of an organization, its opportunities and challenges as we assess its current state and define its IT strategy (future state).  This powerful combination allows us to recommend IT strategies that provide measurable benefit to an organization. Our overall approach to IT strategy consists of 4 main components.

  • Assessment
  • Strategy & Roadmap
  • Governance
  • Results

We conduct a thorough assessment of a client’s current technology and business situation. We assess IT processes, technology state, data, security and personnel.  We look to the adequacy of the technology and IT personnel to meet business objectives and carry out change in the IT environment. Our review serves as a solid foundation for the IT strategy and the change necessary to get the most out of IT investment and effectiveness.

The strategic plan and roadmap lay out the future state of IT for our clients, the measurable business benefits from that state and steps to achieve that state. Our clients also value our assessment methodology. We solicit input from a broad range of stakeholders and synthesize the goals of management when developing the plan.  We help clients obtain buy in for the strategy from key stakeholders in the organization.

A critical component of an effective roadmap is the IT governance associated with implementing the roadmap.  We help clients develop the necessary IT governance, organizational accountability and administrative structure to ensure effective technology selection and implementation and develop mechanisms to manage the technology investment and ensure accountability.

We also assist clients with implementing the roadmap.  We help with technology selection, implementation and, if necessary, vendor selections. We have tools and practices to help with technology project management, and selection of products and services.

Finally, clients undertake IT investment and change to realize business benefits.  It’s critical whether they are achieving appropriate returns on investment and if not, what actions can be taken to realize a return.   Our professionals assist in the measurement of outcomes from implementation of the strategy.  We set up the process and reporting for clients to understand if they are realizing the benefits of the IT strategy and investment.  We help them get the transparency they need to successfully manage the investment and get the results they desire.