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The Hilltop Companies

Data Analysis & Strategy

Business today runs on data.  Data is the lifeblood of organizations. The finance-related market sectors we support are awash in data.   IT organizations in these sectors invest significant staff and technology to manage data assets for competitive advantage or mission fulfillment.  Aligning the technology, architecture and IT processes for sourcing, cleansing and moving data are critical for success.  The professionals of The Hilltop Companies are adroit at assessing and formulating successful data management solutions with our clients.

We collaborate closely with clients’ IT organizations to create and implement strategies and technologies for managing data.  Our services in this area include:

  • Data strategy – conducting current state assessments of the data environment including governance, architecture, quality, security, databases and creating a strategy and roadmap to enhance the environment and close gaps to meet business objectives
  • Data Architecture – defining conceptual, logical and physical representations of the organizations data including data structures, databases, metadata
  • Data Governance – establishing the processes and controls for adding, changing and deleting data or changing data architecture as well as r ensuring that new projects stay within the data architecture.
  • Data Sourcing – identifying the sources of data and establishing processes for establishing sources, moving data and maintaining or improving data quality
  • Master Data Management – the governance, technologies and processes for creating, consolidating, enriching and distributing master data (source of truth reference data) to applications and users.

Combined with our Business Data Management Services, we offer complete solutions to our clients’ business, technology and data needs.