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Information Technology

The Hilltop Companies understands the importance of aligning business needs and requirements with the appropriate information technology to gain competitive advantage or better fulfill critical missions.  That’s why each IT engagement begins with a thorough assessment of your company’s business needs, current technology solutions and personnel.  Our assessment is followed by the development of a customized strategic plan incorporating recommendations for the changes needed in order to optimize IT investment and effectiveness.

Once an IT strategic plan is finalized, our experts help execute the strategy including the selection of technology products and services, vendor choice and project management.  And because we recognize the importance of realizing an appropriate return on an IT investment, our team works with yours to measure the results of the implementation to assure your company is getting the results it expects.

The Hilltop Companies also support clients’ needs for assessing and implementing appropriate IT controls.  We evaluate the IT controls environment including; IT management processes, technology (general and specific controls), data and security.

In addition, The Hilltop Companies leaders are experts in assessing and formulating successful data management solutions for clients.  We work with our client organizations to create and implement strategies and technologies for sourcing, cleansing, organizing, distributing and managing data.

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