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The Hilltop Companies

Valuations – Corporate and Asset Valuations

The Hilltop Companies has extensive asset, loan and servicing portfolio, and enterprise (corporate) valuation experience.  Valuation activities are important and determining the appropriate assumptions to use in the valuation models is critical to achieving the desired returns on the acquisition investment.  The final purchase price to be paid will be your decision, however, we see our role as your “conscience” and raising questions that should be considered in the valuation process.

The asset valuation approach will depend on the purpose of and the requirement for such valuation.  Our valuations are intended to be used by the engaging party and possibly another party that is directly involved (has required such valuation to be completed by client).   We do not do valuations that are for public consumption given that different readers have different needs.  Most of the valuations that we complete are for specific purposes

  • Acquisition price validation
  • Investor requirement compliance
  • Lender requirement compliance
  • Credit assessment for the allowance for loan loss calculation
  • FASB required fair value determination

Our market value engagements can provide the following:

  • Fair market value ranges for FAS 157, 159 compliance
  • Market value impairment – temporary and other than temporary (OTTI)
  • Market liquidity assessment – whether the asset has a liquid market
  • Identification of pricing tools and methodologies used in the market
  • Distressed asset pricing issue resolution

Clients have also engaged The Hilltop Companies to perform asset quality and asset risk evaluations for various types of assets.   These evaluations can/will have impact on assumptions used in a valuation.   Our team has specific expertise in the following asset types:

  • Residential mortgages
  • Commercial mortgages
  • Multifamily mortgages
  • Commercial loans
  • Home equity lines/loans
  • Auto and other consumer loans
  • Credit card portfolios
  • Financial instruments
  • Derivatives
  • REMICs, CMOs, other MBS or ABS structured finance assets
  • CDO, CLO investments
  • Mortgage Servicing Rights (MSRs)
  • Other loans, and
  • Intangibles (typical of financial services companies)