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Tax Services

Hilltop Accounting provides tax services to companies and their owners in many industry segments.  Our services are geared to companies that are start-ups, emerging growth and any businesses between $20 and $100 million in revenues.   While we will provide “a la carte” tax services, most of the clients that Hilltop Accounting provide tax services to, are usually accounting and/or consulting clients as well.  Our  tax services include the following:

  • Corporate and Owner tax planning,
  • Corporate and Owner tax return preparation (Federal and State),
  • Estate tax planning in coordination with your legal counsel and financial planner,
  • Tax provision accounting accrual,
  • Federal & State tax dispute resolution
  • Local taxes (BPOL, Personal Property, etc.)
  • Payroll taxes (calculations of amounts due and reporting (annual and quarterly)

Our tax planning services for income and estate tax purposes assist the owners of businesses and/or the partners of such with tax minimization strategies.   We will collaborate with your estate attorney and any financial planner that you may have to plan/calculate the tax impact on income or estate taxes due.

We can prepare the Federal and State tax returns for both the company and its owners.  For financial statement purposes, our accounting team will also assist in the calculation of the income tax provision accrual.   If a client is in a tax audit situation or related dispute, we can assist in the process to resolve the amount of tax due.

Local taxes, including Business Professional and Occupancy License taxes, Personal Property or fixed asset tax returns and any other local business or income tax return, can be calculated and the appropriate returns filed on the company’s behalf.

Payroll taxes and the calculation of withholdings can be calculated by our team, as well as, preparing the applicable filings for Federal and State payroll taxes.  Payments are all handled by the Company.

Our tax services are intended to make taxes less burdensome to the owners and their companies.