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The Hilltop Companies

Fraud Investigation

The Hilltop Companies provides accounting, forensic, investigative and controls assessment services to prevent, detect, and mitigate fraud.

These services are segregated as follows:

Our fraud audit teams have assisted in the detection assessment and immediate remediation of frauds involving misappropriation of funds, financial misstatement, financial restatement, breach of warranties and other contract terms, stolen assets, etc.  Fraud is not always about missing funds.  In many cases, the fraud occurs or our client suspects a fraud has occurred and our fraud investigation team is engaged.

The Fraud Detection efforts involve the following:

  • Taking immediate control of all electronic and hard copy files (from hard drives, email servers, paper files, etc.)
  • Determining key words related to the fraud or likely fraud scenarios to use in the electronic search
  • Collaborating with client’s vendor or our vendor to handle the data search and maintain a database of all findings to be reviewed by the Fraud investigation team
  • Assessing the possible breadth of the fraud, if possible
  • Assessing the possible dollar magnitude and “severity” of the fraud and the likely internal control failure
  • Reconstructing the fraud to determine the amount of financial impact (funds lost, assets, taken, financial statement misstated amount, etc.)
  • Conducting interviews of key personnel
  • Reviewing and possibly reconstructing financial data (forensic requirement)
  • Reviewing bank and asset transactions
  • Determine the reporting requirements given the fraud occurrence
  • Reporting status of investigations to Senior management, the Board and the public (including regulatory bodies) as needed

Our Fraud Mitigation efforts go into effect simultaneously with the investigation.  We begin to assess fraud controls, identify immediate actions to strengthen specific weaknesses in controls and processes, etc.  We recommend specific remediation steps to stop any further opportunities to execute the same fraud events.

A fraud of one type or in a particular area being remedied does not ensure that all fraud risks are controlled.  Our Fraud Controls Risk Assessment services should be considered to determine other “at risk” areas of your company.  Fraud risk controls will not eliminate fraud risk, however, our controls risk assessment is a significant preventive measure that should be taken.