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The Hilltop Companies

Accounting Services

Hilltop Accounting is a full service accounting firm offering a wide range of services including accounting, audit and tax services.  Our accounting, audit and tax professionals are from former Big 4 or National audit and accounting firms, CFOs and Controllers from industry, and/or Internal Audit professionals.  Hilltop Accounting provides services to companies in most industries and sizes.  Our depth of industry knowledge is in financial services, real estate, hospitality, telecommunications, media, high-tech, software, professional services, industry trade associations, non-profit organizations, and government financial sector agencies.

Our accounting services include helping our clients with the following accounting activities:

  • Implementing new accounting literature or making changes given various business needs (identifying the responsibilities, process and technology requirements to meet such requirements),
  • Establishing or revising accounting policy (especially for new business segments or transactions),
  • Providing temporary CFO or Controller professionals from our staff to assist while your personnel is not able to perform such role.  Our senior management team can step into most accounting and operational positions and assist with the daily activities, as needed, on an interim basis.  Our typical assignment results from a key executive departure, a major ownership change with the investor/acquirer wanting to insert their executive quickly, or an event that creates the need for a new executive position.  In any of these situations, the needed senior skills are not readily available and an interim senior executive is needed.   Our team can “lend” our senior executives to your company to help you be successful and not miss a “beat” after the departure of a key executive/manager.
  • Providing staff augmentation assistance for any accounting, reconciliation or closing activities,
  • Providing audits of financial information, compliance with regulatory requirements or contracts, or for fraud investigation purposes,
  • Providing Internal Audit services,
  • Providing tax planning services,
  • Providing tax return preparation,
  • Providing accounting or tax research as needed.

Hilltop Accounting also provides specialized help to companies that are interested in “going public” and/or are currently public companies and are required to file with the SEC.  Our SEC Advisory practice is handled by two of our partners who have extensive SEC filing and reporting experience.  The filing assistance could include initial filing, quarterly or annual filings, special transaction filings, etc.   We can perform such services where your external auditor cannot.

Hilltop Accounting also provides assistance on a number of specific industry or specialized accounting topics/issues, including but not limited to the following:

  • Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses,
  • MSR valuation and impairment analysis,
  • Real Estate Held/Owned net realizable value assessment,
  • Lease accounting for the lessor or lessee,
  • Recourse sales and required reserves,
  • Securitizing assets and accounting for Trusts, Issuer, etc.,
  • Regulatory AB disclosure requirements for securitized instruments,
  • Financial instruments accounting,
  • Fair value accounting,
  • Accounting for reserves – repurchase, indemnifications, and other loss contingencies, and
  • Pension or other compensation liability accruals.

Other accounting related services include, but are not limited to:

  • Selection, implementation and/or testing of new financial accounting systems (general ledger, sub-ledger systems, payroll, HR, etc),
  • Financial reporting enhancements,
  • Internal Controls assistance for design, compliance testing assessment and remediation efforts for areas deemed to require improvement. 
  • Training in Accounting or Audit Technical matters – The Hilltop Companies has deep technical experience and has used such to help our clients develop and deliver training courses on Finance, Accounting or Auditing topics.   We have several senior management members who teach Accounting, Auditing and/or Corporate Finance.  We have also developed many courses to be delivered to staff and clients on various operational and technology related topics.