Transforming organizations through skillful alignment of people, process and technology.
The Hilltop Companies

Company Culture

At The Hilltop Companies, we believe the skillful alignment of people, process and technology is core to the successful transformation of organizations – and our own company is no exception.  While the Company has a strong track record in our core functional services in accounting, compliance auditing, risk management, operations and technology; it is our people that bring the experience, the drive and commitment to help our clients succeed in each engagement.

Our company culture evolved by taking a close look at our collective careers’ experience, business, people, processes, clients, solutions and outcomes.  Having been in the professional services business for many years and observing different approaches to solving clients’ business challenges, we concluded that we can reshape and transform businesses and provide significant opportunity for our professionals by following these fundamental beliefs…

We are on-site and side-by-side with our clients so we can clearly identify their problems, opportunities, needs and the solutions that will work. We listen to our clients and our teammates; we talk to our clients and among our team; we work collaboratively with our client and our teammates to create and implement the best solution. Our on-going internal collaboration among our senior leadership provides clients’ with unparalleled skill, knowledge, experience and most importantly different perspectives. Our culture is collegial and collaboration is its outgrowth.

All Problems are Solvable.
Putting a man on the moon seemed an insurmountable problem in the early 1960’s but today, that indelible footprint on the moon’s surface proves what we have always believed…that all problems can be solved through experience, skill, desire and working constructively together to “get it done”.

Optimum Alignment is Transformational.
We solve business challenges by creating optimum alignment of people, process and technology. Once proper alignment is achieved, we often find we’ve reshaped and transformed our clients’ business. Change is impossible without such alignment.