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The Hilltop Companies

Real Estate

The Hilltop Companies’ real estate consulting firm (Hilltop Advisory Partners LLC) is a woman owned small business.  The company is true blend of real estate sales, leasing, development and the real estate finance, operations and technology to support such.  The senior team includes real estate sales brokers, developers, leasing agents, asset/property managers, and accountants who provide the real estate consulting services.  If your company is in one or more aspects of the real estate and real estate finance business, we can assist you with a number of our services and resources.

Our real estate clients come to us for the many of the following services:

  • Accounting for the real estate investment – at the property level, the partnership level (usually multiple properties), the MLP (often a publicly traded partnership that holds many properties), or as a syndicated/securitized transaction.
  • Net realizable Value accounting discussions involve determining the recoverable value of the real estate for accounting purposes (we often work with you and your auditors to resolve differences on this issue),
  • Reporting to multiple investors, partners, banks, etc. – this requires planning and proper data accumulation to be able to report on all of the required items per partnership or operating agreements, syndication/securitization documents, bank covenant requirements, etc.,
  • Assistance to asset managers in the accounting oversight, reporting assessment and/or property manager performance assessment,
  • “Roll ups” of the accounting or tax results for hundreds of properties and/or partnerships often requires a significant understanding of the transactions, owner relationships, and the payment priorities required, Tax planning and return preparation is a significant effort for all real estate based partnerships,
  • Tax component itemization is a technique used to depreciate buildings differently i.e. as components that have shorter lives than the building itself,
  • Technology applications used by the property managers or asset managers are often not set up properly to reflect the transaction, the ownership and/or the cash flow priorities.  Our team is well versed in all of the major real estate technology tools including MRI, Timberline, ProCalc, Argus, CoStar, Loopnet, Zillow, etc.
  • Given our significant credit experience with the banks, we are well aware of the bank’s perspective on troubled loans and negotiating strategies.  Accordingly, we have helped our real estate clients with planning, assessing alternatives and proposing “work outs”.
  • Assistance with preparing commercial loan applications and creating presentations that the banker will understand, appreciate and depend on if we are involved as an independent party.
  • Assist with the performance or controls assessment of a related mortgage business,
  • Assist with the financial or operational process improvements needed,
  • Assist with market value estimates (while we are not appraisers – we can certainly provide insight on market values of various real estate related investments.
  • Perform financial, operational and technology assessments for real estate based lenders and loan servicers.

Our real estate professionals have deep industry knowledge and can help your company with financial accounting and tax matters, operations, reporting, and technology utilization solutions.  Combining our real estate and credit expertise brings a wealth of resources to our clients.