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The Hilltop Companies

GSA Contract Information

Our FABS 520 schedule includes services under the following Special Item Numbers (SINs):

SIN 520.2         Transaction Specialists
SIN 520.3         Due Diligence and Support Services
SIN 520.7         Financial and Performance Audits
SIN 520.11       Accounting
SIN 520.17       Risk Assessment and Mitigation Services

We are approved to perform due diligence and financial advisory work for government agencies (SINs 1 and 2) because we have been involved in loan/asset sales for the FDIC, HUD, Ginnie Mae, SBA and Education during our collective careers.   We are also heavily involved in corporate/asset acquisitions conducted in the financial services industry.  We understand the process and the requirements to execute a successful sale (from both the seller’s and buyer’s perspectives).

Our accounting and audit approval for GSA contracts reflects the overall skills in these areas that The Hilltop Companies brings to bear.  Likewise, our heavy focus on the risk management area within the financial services and real estate industries, carries over into the government financial sector agencies.

The Hilltop Companies’ GSA Contract is held under our affiliate’s name and following information:

Hilltop Advisors, LLC
8300 Greensboro Drive, #425
McLean, VA 22102
(703) 356 – 3350
GSA FABS Schedule:
SINs #: