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Government Financial Sector Agencies

The Hilltop Companies is focused on the federal and state government agencies that we call the “financial sector agencies”.   The federal “financial sector” agencies are those that are involved in the regulation and oversight of the financial services industry, agencies involved in direct lending, agencies involved in “enabling or guaranteeing/insuring” loans and other agencies that are involved in consumer protection.  The following is a summary of the government agencies that   that we consider in this segment are as follows:

  • Regulate the financial services industry and provide consumer protection:
    • OCC
    • FED
    • FDIC
    • CFPB
    • Treasury Department
  • Lend directly to individuals or companies
    • SBA
    • Dept. of Education
    • Dept. of Agriculture
  • Insure loan credit performance
    • FHA
    • VA
    • SBA
  • Guarantee mortgage securitizations
    • Fannie Mae
    • Freddie Mac
    • Ginnie Mae
    • Federal Home Loan Banks
    • Farmer Mac

We carry our credit analysis capabilities into the governmental agency arena, as well as, our regulatory compliance skills.   Important to the Federal government is its focus on Credit Reform.  We have a number of consultants who have extensive experience with Credit Reform’s implementation, compliance and required calculations of loss reserves.   Like the lenders, government agencies exposed to credit risk are expected to monitor and record reserves for such risk exposures.  Similarly, conducting “material loss reviews” or performing “shared loss” calculations is a requirement for these federal agencies.

All of the above agencies have monumental tasks in defining, proposing and enforcing regulations, to ensure the stability and transparency of financial markets, notwithstanding making new loans.

The Hilltop Companies has a deep understanding of these agencies’ critical missions and also understands the commercial aspects of the financial services business – the commercial banks, mortgage lenders, loan servicers, credit card issuers, capital markets companies, investors, etc are our clients as well.  While there may be a conflict of interest if litigation is involved – having a consultant who understands all aspects of your business is critical to your long term success.   The Hilltop Companies can provide a set of solutions to an agency’s needs with on-target, cost effective solutions.

We are also on the GSA’s Financial and Business Solutions Schedule 520 (FABS 520) for federal agency clients. This schedule provides federal agencies with a streamlined procurement vehicle to obtain financial management services worldwide. FABS 520 provides for a wide variety of services to meet unique federal agencies’ needs such as financial management, asset management, risk management, budgeting, accounting, and auditing. Learn more about our GSA Schedule offerings here.

The Hilltop Companies includes both a minority owned small business (Hilltop Government Solutions LLC) and a woman owned small business (Hilltop Advisory Partners LLC).  Each entity targets prime vendor and subcontracting/teaming opportunities within the government financial sector agencies.

The Hilltop Companies has also teamed with several disadvantaged small business companies (8A certified), as well as, being an approved subcontractor for several large companies including Booz Allen Hamilton and KPMG.