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The Hilltop Companies

Industry Sectors

The Hilltop Companies’ consulting practices are primarily focused on the financial services industry including and Banking and Capital Markets, Real Estate and financial sector agencies within the Federal and State governments.  Look in our client portfolio and you’ll see it is filled with banks, mortgage lenders and servicers, investment banks, commercial/multifamily lenders, loan servicers, real estate developers and investors, and those government agencies responsible for financial services regulations, housing policy and regulation, lending to individuals or businesses, loan guarantee programs, and other credit related activities.  All of the services provided by The Hilltop Companies are delivered to this set of clients.

Our full service accounting firm (accounting, auditing, tax services) and our technology consulting practice (IT strategy, IT controls, Cyber Security and data services) provide a broad range of services to many different companies and industries.  In addition to the above industry segments, we have clients in retail, professional services, law firms, technology, software, government contracting, sports organizations, non-profit organizations, etc.

Where Hilltop concentrates on specific industry segments, our consultants can deploy our ‘big thinking’ because we know the business and what needs to be done!  We are known as leaders, not followers.  As fully engaged, active and relevant participants in our specialized industry practices, we understand the rapidly changing nature of the business environment; from regulatory changes (including new supervisory authorities), new risks, market changes, and newly available technology capabilities.  Our senior management knows that leaders innovate and that the best innovation comes from being deeply engaged in our specialized industry segments and our clients. So that’s where you’ll find us, on-site with customers, attending industry conferences, advancing our knowledge and expanding our views.

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