Transforming organizations through skillful alignment of people, process and technology.
The Hilltop Companies
  • Vision
    A clear vision of the market landscape – along with hard work and attention to detail – leads to our clients' success. Led by true industry vanguards, we reside at the summit of market change and innovation where the views are all-encompassing.
  • Solutions
    We believe all problems are solvable. By applying our experience, skills and collaborative work philosophy, we create game-changing solutions for our clients.
  • Transformation
    We transform companies by helping them discover optimum alignment—through people, process and technology—to achieve strategic goals. As partners, we can reshape your business.
  • Innovation
    We think innovation is a never-ending process of improvement that distinguishes a leader from a follower. We believe the best innovation comes from being deeply engaged with our clients. So that’s where you’ll find us...

About the Hilltop Companies

The Hilltop companies include six separate companies, each of which focuses on providing professional services to either a specific industry segment or provide specific services (accounting, compliance and internal audit and data technology) to many industry segments.

Six companies fall within the Hilltop Companies infrastructureHilltop Advisors provides professional services to financial services companies with special focus on lenders of all types, loan servicers, capital markets entities that sell, securitize and buy loans and other assets.   Hilltop Federal Services provides professional services to the finance sector of the Federal government (agencies that make loans, guarantee borrower repayment, securitize loans or are financial services regulators.  Hilltop Government Solutions provides outsourcing and staff augmentation services to various Federal agencies and Prime Federal contractors.   These services do not require specialized education, certifications or significant industry experience but are critical to assist our client agencies that need operating support.   Hilltop iSolutions provides professional services to all companies that have IT/Data controls, compliance, governance needs.  Hilltop Accounting provides professional services to all companies needing accounting, compliance and specialty audits, fraud investigations and CFO duties (when still too small to have a full-time CFO).  Hilltop Advisory Partners provides professional services to the real estate and hospitality companies.

Hilltop’s delivers the following services to our entire client base:

  • Strategy Consulting Services – assessing current strategies, identifying new opportunities, brainstorming involving our clients in discussions that should impact the course of the business (market place changes, competition, delivery systems, customer base, risk appetite, costs and profit targets, regulations, technology, etc.), assisting in designing and implementing new strategies, helping with change management,
  • Risk Management Consulting Services – related to all enterprise risks (with special emphasis on credit risk), identifying risks, designing, implementing and testing controls (internal and operational controls, internal policies, contract terms, lease calculations and any other compliance testing needed to ensure that our client is meeting all business, regulatory and contract requirements),
  • Regulatory Compliance Consulting Services – including designing, implementing and testing (performing compliance exams audits & pre-exam readiness reviews) the compliance management system, our client’s policies, procedures and controls and providing remediation help when our client needs to “fix” regulatory compliance exceptions.
  • Litigation Support and Expert Consulting Services – Expert Industry and Audit/Accounting testimony, damage calculations, settlement claims disbursement/monitoring, research, etc.
  • Fraud Investigations and Forensic Accounting Services – assessing fraud vulnerability, controls design and implementation, identification of frauds and related losses/damages, reconstructing financial data (including “follow the money” assignments,
  • Performance Analysis & Performance Improvement Consulting Services – using PerforMetrics© (our proprietary methodology and tool to measure operating and financial metrics) and our business process improvement consulting efforts,
  • Finance, Accounting, Reporting, Specialized Audit and Compliance Services– designing, implementing and testing accounting policies, processes, internal controls and financial systems, assessing or assisting with audit readiness, providing internal audit support, providing finance and accounting activity support, CFO services, etc.
  • Information and Data Technology Consulting Services – designing, implementing and testing IT and/or data controls, assessing data governance/integrity/security/compliance, designing business requirements, assessing eNote and MISMO utilization, SDLC assessments and user testing,
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Due Diligence Consulting Services – assisting with diligence, valuation, contract compliance, purchase price calculations, purchase accounting, post-merger integration activities.
  • Organizational Effectiveness, Project & Change Management and Training Consulting Services

Our management members are all thought leaders, experts in one or more functional skill areas and all are active in various industry segments. Our leaders both identify and contribute to market changes and innovation. The Hilltop companies are transforming organizations through the skillful alignment of vision, people, process and technology solutions. Our solutions are implementable and with our unique philosophy of collaboration with our clients, we can unlock under-utilized resources, assets and competencies and identify issues which may be preventing our client from operating at a “leading practices level of efficiency and cost control”. By aligning the right consulting/accounting resources, implementing innovative but proven processes and identifying the proper technology solutions, we can change and reshape our clients’ businesses. Hilltop solves our client’s business challenges and enables them to take advantage of market opportunities!