Transforming organizations through skillful alignment of people, process and technology.
The Hilltop Companies

  • Vision
    A clear vision of the market landscape – along with hard work and attention to detail – leads to our clients' success. Led by true industry vanguards, we reside at the summit of market change and innovation where the views are all-encompassing.
  • Solutions
    We believe all problems are solvable. By applying our experience, skills and collaborative work philosophy, we create game-changing solutions for our clients.
  • Transformation
    We transform companies by helping them discover optimum alignment—through people, process and technology—to achieve strategic goals. As partners, we can reshape your business.
  • Innovation
    We think innovation is a never-ending process of improvement that distinguishes a leader from a follower. We believe the best innovation comes from being deeply engaged with our clients. So that’s where you’ll find us...

Our Company

The Hilltop Companies is a leading professional services firm providing consulting, regulatory compliance audits, and comprehensive accounting services.  We provide financial, operational, regulatory and technology advice, strategy and long-term solutions to our banking, capital markets, real estate industry and government finance sector clients.

We are respected thought leaders and active industry participants. We reside at the summit of market change and innovation. Guided by visionary leadership, extensive experience and a unique philosophy of collaboration; we solve business challenges via clear problem identification, needs and solution identification.

It is our core belief that all problems are solvable through the skillful alignment of people, process and technology. And that is what we do best.

Our Practice Areas

For more information about these areas of practice, please go to Our Expertise.